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  • "A raindrop coming in contact with fire looses its existence
    while that falling on a shell becomes a 'pearl'. Therefore,
    people desirous of knowledge should avoid the company of
    ignorant people who believe in the motto- ignorance is

    I advocate to mankind that Vaastu science
    Should not be avoided.
    Its ignorance blemishes life.
    The awareness Enhances good life

  • Vedas says
    "Life devoid of struggles is a life bereft of happiness because the value of happiness is realized only after pain."

    Dr. Chawla says
    Vaastu gives us a life in which our intellect to learn from past problems, strength to fight present problems and foresee future problems

  • "The earth that holds treasures manifold in secret places, wealth, jewels, and gold shall she give to me; she that bestows wealth liberally, the kindly goddess, wealth shall she bestow upon us!"
    ~ Atharva Veda

    Dr. Puneet Chawla says our efforts and hard work towards a better future with positive health, sweet relations, luxurious life and respect is achieved with Vaastu

  • "Touch fire and get the sensation of burning; there is nothing like it to teach you that fire is to be avoided. Unless you touch it, you will be aware only of its light. It is both light and heat; just as this world is both true and false; that is to say unreal."
    ~ Atharva Veda

    Dr. Chawla says Few sensitive directions are always giving, they give us prosperity. We should be aware of there nature before using these directions. We should not turn sweet in sour.

  • "Just like the four main directions (North, South, East and West) the body also possess four openings or doors- the East door is Mouth, the West door is Rectum, the North door is Head while the South door is Private part."
    ~ Atharva Veda

    Dr. Chawla says, to get good fortune we always try to please the planets. They are always rotating, and pleasing the nine planets frequently is quite difficult.
    Strong suggestion from him is to get the ten directions in favoour as they are stationary ie not moving.

  • "THERE are three types of knowledge: Knowledge of matter-energy; knowledge of mental energy; and knowledge of cosmic energy."
    ~ Atharva Veda

    Dr. Chawla says the human soul needs knowledge of energy. And the human body needs harmony of may other energies which are Magnetic energies,
    Solar energies,
    Gravitational energies
    Geopathic stress energies, radiations
    negative and positive energies.




Vastu Shastra Views On KalapaVriksha?

A Tree who fulfills the desires is a called a Kalpavriksa. This tree can give any kind of fruit whether it is any desire, money or emotional need. This tree is prevalent in the spiritual world; the mental plane has the power to create the Kalpavirksa any time. We have to create the mind and spiritual connection to create the abundance. These days we have forgotten the power of mind, we can use the subconscious mind to develop our own wish tree and achieve whatever we need in our life. We can use our mind as a powerful tool to convert the negative into the positives. We should talk to the mind and control on it. Those who can control should practice Tratak, this is best in yoga vidya. Applying a sandal wood tilak on the forehead between the brows also helps the mind coming in control. Sitting facing north in gyan mudra also helps. Love and blessings to all

  • An authority on vaastu.
  • 15 lac plus followers.
  • Comes on many TV Shows.
  • Vaastu consultant for house holds, filmstars, corporates.
  • Suggests remedies without demolition using scientific logics only.
  • Author for many books on vaastu and related subjects.
  • Writes coloums for many national dailes.
  • Studied hundreds of Indian scriptures.
  • Intutitive personality, can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human bodies.

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