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One should think ahead, give oneself time to research, search and do work for the soul.

Dr. Puneet Chawla

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The true knowledge and dedication to a subject is revealed by analyzing the researches made by an individual in his particular field of operation and also by ascertaining as to what percentage of people have benefitted from such researches and how well it has sunk in among the masses. Every thought or idea should be backed by a scientific reasoning which must be well explained and properly ruled out for the public to grasp it. Little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge and any knowledge without an underlying reasoning holds no meaning or authenticity. Keeping these hard facts in mind, Dr. Chawla laid foundation for some true modern researches in the field of Vaastu which have never been explained or revealed by anyone else in the past. Let’s have a sneak-peek through the various innovative thoughts highlighted by Dr. Chawla and throw some light on this widespread and ancient subject of VaastuShastra.

1. Geopathic Stress

We are all aware of the fact that our mother earth consists of various energies, both positive and negative, which is directly proportional to human well-being. The close study of the influences of these earthy vibrations on our day to day living is what has been described as Geopathic stress. According to Dr. Chawla, Geopathic stress can pose dangerous effects on a person’s well being, health, behavior and relationships. It has also been proved that regular exposure to geopathic stress has caused cancer in more that 85% of people who have succumbed to this disease. Other common grievances caused due to this include chronic fatigue, cardiovascular deficiencies, immune deficiency disorders and incessant irritability. In one of its latest surveys, W.H.O has proven and confirmed that 30% of buildings and structures across the globe are affected by S.B.S (Sick Building Syndrome) and people residing or working within the confines of such properties deliver low efficiency levels, high irritability and weak immunity power. All this is a result of the underground geopathic stress on which these structures stand erect. Let us discuss the various forms and causes of geopathic stress within the earth’s surface.

The earth’s core consists of various mineral deposits like coal and iron-ore mines. These underground mineral concentrations generate negative energies which in turn affect human dwelling on such surfaces. Even subterranean water currents, underground cavities and beneath-the-earth formations are all responsible for subjecting an individual to geopathy and its related ill-effects.

  • Another major factor which holds direct relation with geopathic stress is the presence of graveyards and animal remains within the earth’s surface where a person resides or works. They are a result of problems relating to emotional imprints and presence of evil spirits and haunting.
  • Adulterated landscapes, including underground cables and road construction projects distort the fields of positive radiation which in turn causes geopathic stress harmful for living organisms.
  • Electromagnetic fields emanating from Electro-pathological energy caused due to modern technological growth in the form of fluctuating frequencies from electricity pylons, telecommunication towers and transformers also contribute drastically to geopathic stress.
  • Hartman’s research– Hartman, a pioneer in the field of VaastuShastra, way back in the 19th century, has proven to the world that earth’s magnetic field generates lines of forcewhich in turn form a rectangular grid that look familiar to the longitudinal and latitudinal lines on a map. The magnetic field of the earth being irregular, if a house happens to be located right above the point where these lines cross, the residents of the property would be subjected to intense geopathic stress. Keeping this core invention in mind, Dr. Chawla authenticates this fact and truly believes that these can cause chronic ill health to individuals and bring about great misfortune for them.
  • Curry Grid– Another great researcher and staunch Vaastu propeller, Prof. Curry, showed to the world that there lies the presence of a second grid system right above the Hartman Net. In his research, Curry explained that these lines of force generated by earth’s magnetic field intersect at an angle which creates a diamond like mesh pattern resembling an old-fashioned leaded window. This grid system creates more geopathic stress when combined with negative energies emitted by underground water and fault lines in comparison to the Hartman Net. Dr. Chawla confirms this statement and even throws light on the fact that these lines are so dangerous and harmful that they can even cause cancer to the people living in properties located above these grids.

2. Solar Radiation intertwined with VaastuShastra

Sun has always been the supreme radiant of electromagnetic energy which is responsible for supporting all forms of life on earth, be it animals, plants or humans. As per Hindu mythology, the Sun is worshipped as an idol who blesses all beings with light, heat and energy. We all know that the sun rises from the east. However, in context to Vaastu, this direction belongs to Lord Indra and is therefore considered very auspicious. Similar is the case with the north direction. Energy flow from these two directions in the form of cosmic rays from the sun proves very beneficial for the in-mates of a house. On the contrary, sun’s rays entering from the south and south east directions can create a thermal imbalance and hence prove disastrous for the residents of such a property. The effects can be visualized in the form of physical as well as financial setbacks, ranging from skin diseases, low immunity, severe heat strokes and acute eye diseases to heavy financial drawbacks and economical losses. Dr. Chawla suggests immediate Vaastu remedies under such situations like initializing lesser openings in the south, planting of more trees in that direction and using other useful natural and resourceful remedies for restricting the entry of sun’s rays from this direction. In this manner, the fire element present in the cosmic rays of the sun would prove highly beneficial and also render positive vibrations within and around its surroundings.

3. Negative Energy in association with Vaastu

We have all read, studied and accepted that every action has an equal and opposite reaction to it. Now, if we judge the same concept from the Vaastu point of view, we notice that day in day out we are always dealing with positive and negative energies when struggling to comply with Vaastu principles. Hence, every positive vibration corresponds to some kind of negativity which has to be dealt with very cautiously and smartly so as to create a favorable environment and not let its negative side overpower our very existence. Dr. Chawla strongly feels that complying strictly with Vaastu rules and principles can fill up the vacuum in our daily lives by granting us the courage and confidence to deal with grave situations with great might. He further puts forth his views by saying that a physically unfit body has to be treated with corresponding medications at the proper time so as to get rid of the disease at the earliest possible. Similar is the case with a building or property which is sick due to non-compliance with Vaastu. In order to make it fruitful and prosperous for its owners, it has to be treated with abiding Vaastu principles and norms so as to make it beneficial for its residents.

4. Effects of Gravitational Energy

Vaastu can better be termed and explained as living in harmony with mother earth. It throws light on the various forces and energies spread around us in their natural form which in turn has to be well synchronized with our surroundings so as to ensure a comfortable, fruitful and prosperous living. Dr. Chawla’sview point explains that the development and destruction of the world solely depends upon the vast sphere of universal energies which the nature consists of. One such force is the gravitational force of the earth which tends to pull things from the sky towards the center of the earth. All living and non-living things are constantly being exerted by a downward pull towards the earth’s center. The effect of this pull is maximum at the center of the object, hence it is advisable not to put too much of pressure at this centrifugal point as it could turn out to be quite detrimental for the structure or object. This is the reason why a courtyard is always designed at the center of a house. This also justifies the fact that a building constructed on a hard and rigid plot of land would have more stability as compared to a structure erected on a sandy or not-so-hard surface. Vaastu believers and followers like Dr. Chawla strictly detest sitting or sleeping under heavy loads like beams and pillars as it hampers the rationalizing power of the individual. Similar to this, the magnetic force of the earth, too, influences and determines the Vaastu of a place drastically. A man is always advised to sleep with his head resting in the south direction as per Vaastuprinciples which considers our head to be the North Pole and our feet to be the South Pole. In a nutshell, Dr. Chawla says that Vaastushastra is not directly proportional to prosperity, instead, the positive energies created by adapting to Vaastu principles in our day-to-day living make us think rationally and work efficiently, thereby leading us to prosperity and wellbeing in life.

5. Negative Energy Neutralizers

Live VaastuJal- Sky, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, the five elements of nature are the five most integral part of our very existence which acts as a powerful energy and assists in maintaining harmony, peace and balance in and around us. Each and every element of nature is worshipped and recognized in its own distinctive manner. As we all are aware of, Gangajal, originating from the mighty Himalayas, is worshipped and used in various puja paraphernalia’s in its pure form. Inspired by this, Dr. Puneet Chawla has formulated the Live VaastuJal after going through an expedition of extensive research and study. It consists of the eclectic powers and goodness of water as it comprises of a combination of the holy Gangajal, precious crystals and basil leaves. This sacred jal has many beneficial qualities which initiates in maintaining an energetic and positive living scenario. It has been personified and categorized as pure elixir which contains the magical powers of cleansing the environment off all negativities and instilling positive vibrations in and around it.

Live Vaastu Incense- Fragrance sublimes all negativities and refreshes the air around us. Fragrance is life- rich, pure, serene. We all can differentiate between a good and a bad smell. We begin a day with freshness and positivity. We use incense sticks to purify our soul and praise God every day before leaving for work. This has been an age old custom which is being practiced since generations almost everywhere across the globe. Whatever be the medium of expressing our gratitude to the Almighty, Dr. Chawla says that lighting an incense stick in your house everyday can cut off depression, frustration and evil energies from the environment around you. His continuous efforts and deep research has finally innovated highly sacred and special incense which happens to be a mixture of powerful herbs, rich in aroma, capable of keeping all kinds of negative energies, be it black magic, evil eye or a bad curse, at bay.

Being an authority in Vaastu science, this can be righteously claimed that no one has ever taken such deep pains to understand, acknowledge and rectify the problems, challenges and stresses of the common man, which he faces in a struggle to lead a happy, healthy and stress-free life, like Dr. Puneet Chawla. He is definitely a blessing in disguise for one and all, irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or religion.


  • An authority on vaastu.
  • 15 lac plus followers.
  • Comes on many TV Shows.
  • Vaastu consultant for house holds, filmstars, corporates.
  • Suggests remedies without demolition using scientific logics only.
  • Author for many books on vaastu and related subjects.
  • Writes coloums for many national dailes.
  • Studied hundreds of Indian scriptures.
  • Intutitive personality, can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human bodies.

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