Who am I

“Choose Positive Energy over Negative Energy! Let Dr. Chawla eliminate all negatives”
- Dr. Puneet Chawla

With An authoritative experience in Vastu energy. The Dr Puneet Chawla is the principal Vastu Consultant!
He is the founder of Live Vaastu a six step theory.

Designation: Dr. Puneet Chawla is designated as Enlightened Life Guru by millions of households and business class people. Reason being he has solved life related emotional, mental and financial issues for different class of people.

Vastu which is an ancient science is his first forte. Through this he corrects basic living and working of Individuals and corporate houses. He infuses Colors, Metals, Vedic remedies, Placements, Stones etc. Being Clairvoyant, he is able to see you he negative and positive energies around the human and building structures. As a Founder of Live vaastu he is a pioneer in creating diagnosis and solutions for the life. Vastu is an integral part of human life, its not only the four walls where we live. Live vaastu horizons the perspective of vastu breaks the barrier of demolition for vastu changes. In a sense it is utilising the five elements and subtle energies around for a good life.

What is Live Vastu: Dr. Puneet chawla the founder of Live vaastu brought a perfect theory of Six steps in Vastu for a successful life! These six steps are a must for good Vastu.

The steps are Lands Nature: Selecting a prosperous and healthy land.

Direction: Selecting favorable directions.

Five elements: Balancing panch Maha bhootas tatva’s

Life Energy: these are environmental subtle energies, negative & positive energies

Colors: Infusing colors for harmony and happiness!

Correction: we can correct the defective Vastu with power remedies.

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