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The deeper issues of mankind should be addressed to all in a very subtle manner says Dr. Puneet Chawla

Dr. Chawla is a warehouse of knowledge and experience in the field of Vaastu science. Inspired by the age old doctrines of our Puranas and Upanishads, he has written some fabulous books which stress on making life more beautiful, organized and worth living. His ideas and innovations have worked like wonders in making life more fruitful and prosperous for his numerous followers. A writer, a composer and a visionary in his field of study, Dr. Chawla has many creations to his credit which describe the science of Vaastu as has never been done before by any of his contemporaries. Here’s a short description of his wonderful achievements as a writer.

Hindu Beliefs and Rituals

In today’s fast moving tech-oriented world, the significance of our age old traditions and values have long back lost their value. The youth of today does not believe in worshipping idols of Gods and Goddesses as they have never been explained the importance of the same. However, a handful of individuals who do follow these customs and rituals, visit temples and pray to God as a part of their daily regime, are not truly aware of the guiding force behind it. It can therefore be righteously said that ‘No knowledge is better than little knowledge.’ Dr. Chawla, through this book ‘Hindu Beliefs and Rituals,’ has taken an incessant effort to educate and preach the significance of this supernatural power, God Almighty, who stands by us in times of distress and protects us from every evil befalling on us and our family. According to him, it is highly essential to develop a sense of respect and gratitude towards our religion and to understand the very essence of Hinduism by making it a part and parcel of our everyday living. This book is a guide towards closely and rationally understanding our Hindu traditions and cultures which carve the way towards success, prosperity and fulfillment in one’s life. A must read for every individual belonging to every generation, new or old, grab your copy today and see how it fills your life with contentment and happiness.

1008 Tips for Better Living

Life, today, has become so complex that no one seems to be happy and content. People strive to fight against meager problems which tend to complicate their daily living in multitudes. In such an adverse scenario, Dr. Puneet Chawla, with his book 1008 Tips for Better Living, has tried to bring about a breakthrough, a revolutionary change, in helping people find easy and simple solutions to make life more livable and enjoyable. Dr. Chawla stresses that chanting of mantras, shlokas and dohas from ancient Hindu scriptures and epics, as a part of one’s everyday living, can improve the quality and standard of one’s living and make things easier and simpler for an individual. This book provides a handy guide for people to fight against all odds in life relating to their career, employment, progeny, marriage, business and property, litigation and so on through 1008 tips which are like precious pearls of a never-ending and vast ocean called life. Each one of us has to strive and struggle in our respective field to make our way through a successful, fulfilling and prosperous life. A Times of India Enterprise, this book has been released, published and marketed by the Times Group which promises you a better living by providing tips for facing the numerous challenges in this tough and competitive world.

Vaastu Secrets for a Better Living

Dr. Puneet Chawla’s debutant creation as a writer comes along with this beautiful book on Vaastu, in association with Times of India, in which he describes the subject as an age old doctrine. ‘Fear is not for Good,’ and in this book Dr. Chawla attempts to remove the fear factor from the hearts of millions across the globe who want to believe in Vaastu and abide by its norms but are scared of it for being a tough subject. This book stands testimony as to how this age old ancient science of Vaastu has transformed the lives of millions towards betterment and fulfillment by providing simple solutions in their modern day-to-day living environment. His wide spectrum of experiences and professional expertise in the field of Vaastu and deep-rooted knowledge of the Indian scriptures has enabled him to present a handy guide to practical and achievable solutions for correcting the wrongs in any given property or structure, without making it too cumbersome for his disciples, and making it 100 % Vaastu compliant. By following and adapting the tips mentioned in this lovely book, one can bring about a drastic change in his quality of living and behavioral pattern. So, pick a copy for yourself today and see how it makes your life happy, healthy and prosperous.

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  • An authority on vaastu.
  • 15 lac plus followers.
  • Comes on many TV Shows.
  • Vaastu consultant for house holds, filmstars, corporates.
  • Suggests remedies without demolition using scientific logics only.
  • Author for many books on vaastu and related subjects.
  • Writes coloums for many national dailes.
  • Studied hundreds of Indian scriptures.
  • Intutitive personality, can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human bodies.

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