He is whom it is the Self-Being that has become all existences that are Becomings, for he has the perfect knowledge, how shall he be deluded, whence shall he have grief who sees everywhere oneness?


His Professional Front

Dr. Puneet Chawla  Professional

Dr. Puneet Chawla says
“ The Divine is the ultimate source of Bliss. May god make me channel of his mercy- the divine light so that all the beings should get oneness with the god.”

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a man of perfection, whose passion is to bring smile on the face of people all around.


This is perfect; this perfect. Perfect comes from Perfect;
Take perfect out of perfect; the reminder is perfect.
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!

In Childhood he used to sit alone for hours, gazing the natures activities, he saw insects, squirrels and many other living beings. He tried to find why mankind is always stressed, worried, tensed, angry, unhealthy and unnatural always. If happy or unhappy still partying, if not hungry then even have food if it is tempting. People dream about the things, which are very good but will make them tense. Unknown, fears, surround them but the animal does not have any fear except the fear of death.

As he grew young, he tried to understand the concept and power of money. Why everybody is after money, running in a mad race after money and authority. One has enough money but still want to have more. Why we hate each other, the jealousy and the greed is on high in our hearts.

Very rare people are working for the soul, the god’s abode.Later he tried to understand why sorrows come in our life.

Dr.Chawla Believes : Happy state is in two categories, one is temporary state and the other one is long staying happiness, we can term the later as actual happiness. While coming across many persons, who look to be full of energy have a good amount of social circle. They want to show that they are really happy and reveal their happiness state in public. But their happiness is only transient, very short lived and conditional. In their hearts they are always dissatisfied, far from actual happy state. True happy feeling is bliss and brings satisfaction.

Dr. Chawla thinks four mindsets are there for happiness

Mind set no. 1 : ‘The material which I don’t have are more good than what I possess’- We think that what the other people has good things than what we have in our kitty. The fact is that ‘the grass is always greener on the other portion of boundary.

Mind set no. 2 : ‘More is good’- We think that more is always best and good. No wonder how much we possess, we believe getting still more is better and this belief makes us unhappy.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 3 : ‘If we keep conditions for our happiness it is difficult to be happy, as for example we say that if I get a specific thing then only I will be happy. And when we achive our target desires we gear up for the new desire and needs which can make us happy.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 4 : ‘I will only be getting happiness, if the other people are acting as I expect’- This kind of a thinking we make our happy state shaky and unstable. We depend on the others behavior who are around us and least bothered with our expectations. We must have faith in the unlimited bliss of god, we should expect every thing from the almighty. In Verse 47, Chapter 2 of Gita Lord Krishna tells: ‘Karmani-vaadhika-rastey ma phaleshukadachan ma karmphal-hetur-bhoormatesango-astav-karmani’ Through this Verse the God says, The motive of business is completed with action only and not the fruits, do not let the fruits of your actions become your motive.” One must not get addicted to inaction. So the advice may be that when encounter any problem come into action and bring solutions.

Founder Of Live Vaastu

Vastu is an age-old science of Life energies and structures, with thousand of years old instructions for the building structures; some times the disciple gets difficulty in applying its tenants. The systems have changed, the living styles has changed, the individual houses are converted into flats and villas. Seeing all this Dr. Puneet chawla has brought the concept Live Vaastu to adapt the great vaastu science in every situation and circumstance. His scitific basis of vaastushastra can be termed as Live Vaastu which is now a boon to mankind.

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Dr. Puneet Chawla founder of Live Vaastu


A Researcher

How do I earn my living? How do I become fully secure? Attempting all these questions the genius ness of a man goes off.

One should think ahead, give oneself time to research, search and do work for the soul.

Dr. Puneet Chawla

A professional who believes in research, works at least 5 -6 hours a day for the inventions and newness for his work.


 Dr. Puneet Chawla A Researcher

An Author

Presenting the idea in a simple language is his forte.

The deeper issues of mankind should be addressed to all in a very subtle manner says Dr. Puneet chawla

Dr. Chawla is a warehouse of knowledge and experience in the field of Vaastu science. Inspired by the age old doctrines of our Puranas and Upanishads, he has written some fabulous books which stress on making life more beautiful, organized and worth living. His ideas and innovations have worked like wonders in making life more fruitful and prosperous for his numerous followers.


The Fauna

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Talking less is one of the charteristics of Dr. Chawla but a subtler way of talking is his hobby.

Very less humans believe in subtle communication, people love to talk loud, express themselves in a very stretched way, big arguments between relations is the most disliked activity for him.

He found that people presenting problems to him that they have argument and clashes with friends and relatives. This is most painful to him, he says if there is no peace in relationship then all the wealth and health seems waste.

Animals are innocent with no EGO’s attached. There motivation is love and basic food. Dr. Chawla tries to get a friend ship deal with animals and pets where ever he sees them.

He prays to god for mercy to all living beings.


His Flair

 Dr. Puneet Chawla A Researcher

A dress sense with flair is something rare. Our dress and clothing makes us comfortable, confident and charismatic.

Normally people wear “what is in”. Fashion normally dominates the personality, more of the times it can harm the personality. If something is not suiting the person should not wear it, whatever the fashion is.

Political leaders wear whites, which includes the clothing using the fabrics mostly cotton and linen.

In spirituality orange shade using cotton is in trend since age old. Saints and religion gurus are recognized with this kind of dressing and color.

In corporate world the discipline comes with a formal shirt and trouser with tie on the neck. Kind of this kind of dressing easily identifies sales and marketing people.

High-class businessmen wear costly suits and dresses from known brands and designers; the cloth not the brand gives the satisfaction to them.

Dr. Puneet Chawla wears and carries normal clothes in linen and cotton.

He thinks the fabric matters; the body should get air properly. Synthetic clothes block the air to body.

Usually he wears jacket suits made in Linen.

He likes black, white, red and yellow shades in his fabrics.

He always wishes to wear pure leather shoes always, as he knows the art of energies. This gives an energy saving.


Relation with Technology

Technology is man’s friend, in the present time no body can remain without the essence of technology.

India is a rich country of talents, it was and it will be one-day number one in talent and technology.

Our age old scientists and current period scientists give this world lot of support in technology and innovations.

I don’t understand why this quote is written a gentleman, but can the Indians digest this.

Lo! The poor Indian! Whoseuntutored mind
Sees God in clouds, or hears him in the wind;

His soul proud Science never taught to stray
Far as the solar walk or Milky Way.

Alexander Pope

The Great Indian genius The Aryabhatta discovered many truths about the mother earth. He computed that the circumference of earth is 24835. He told that sun and moon revolves around the earth. He gave the light on eclipses. He gave the methods for astronomical measurements. The formula of Pi, area of circle, volume of sphere, quadrilateral roots, square of the sum of two numbers are his gifts to mankind.

India is a rich country in technology talents this the whole world knows.

Well Dr. Puneet Chawla praises the technology and uses it too. He uses latest energy measurement tools etc


  • An authority on vaastu.
  • 15 lac plus followers.
  • Comes on many TV Shows.
  • Vaastu consultant for house holds, filmstars, corporates.
  • Suggests remedies without demolition using scientific logics only.
  • Author for many books on vaastu and related subjects.
  • Writes coloums for many national dailes.
  • Studied hundreds of Indian scriptures.
  • Intutitive personality, can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human bodies.

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