Om bhadramkarnebihshrunuyamadevahbhadrampashyemaakshbhiryaatrah
Om shanthihshanithshantih

O Gods, may we hear only the auspicious with our ear; May we see only the auspicious with our eyes;
With strong members and bodies, may we praise you and enjoy the life given devoted to the Gods. Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!
A Quote from Rigveda


Dr. Puneet Chawla​ ​talking on ​occult

As Occult

Occult is a kind of vast science, which deals not only tells us the physics and biology of life, but also tell the charter, and capacities of the human soul and spirit.

The modern day science has invented the circulation of the blood in the body system; occult science here understands the flow of the life-principle. Today’s physiology is associated with the body only; occult with the soul as well not as the subject of indefinite, religious exercise; but it is a real entity, with properties that can be investigated in synthesis with, or away from, those of the body.

Dr. Puneet Chawla

Dr. Chawla says as body protects the soul,its body protects coconut. Trees protect us from the harsh sun; life is protected in an eggshell

There are some scared laws of Occult, which protect us from the negatives of this modern world.

The Hidden knowledge is called occult. In other terms some scared knowledge, which is purposely meant to come, kept secret.

The knowledge of Mantra TantraYantra, scriptures i.e.;Purana’s Veda’s including shastra’s on Vaastu is his scholarly studies in Occult.



Om vang me manasipratishthitamano me vachimpratishthitamaviravirmaedhi
Vedasya ma anisthahshrutam me maprahasihanenadhitenahoratransandadhami
Rtamvadishyamisatyamvadisyami tan mam avatu tad vaktaramavatuavatu mam

May m speech be fixed in the mind; May my mind be fixed in the Speech; O Self-manifesting One, reveal you to me;

O you two (mind and body), be the channel for the Vedic wisdom; May I not forget what I have heard; May I study day and night without forgetting;

May I speak only right, May I speak only the Truth; May That protect me; May That protect my teacher; May That protect me;
May that protect my teacher,
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!

Saint Kabir has well stated-‘kasturikundalibasey, mrigdhoonde ban mahe…..aiseghat-ghat Ram hain, duniyadekhenahi”…i.e., the god is omnipresent , but those ignorant keep searching for the identity in various places, very much equal to a deer who, it is said runs around the forest in search of a fragrance to smell,but he is ignorant that the fragrance is arising from ‘kasturi’ embedded in his belly.

This can be termed as Maya, which is never catchable. Our conscious is unstable it never gets Sthir (stable). But one thing can make us stable that is the Dhyan (meditation) can help.
Dr. Puneet Chawla.

He loves to go at serene places to meditate on the Bindu, the identity of god. He says sitting on a rock mountain for meditation is very good. There is a big energy gain when one breathes smoothly, on in an open space sitting on a mountain rock. One should not sit directly sit on the ground, the energy is depleted.

He says holding a tree tightly with two hands make you fresh; the tree takes the negative energy from the body. You should request the tree to take out all the problems from your body and aura.

Dr. Puneet Chawla During Meditation



Clairvyonce simply says seeing clearly. In Clairvyonce one should have extra sensory perception. The clairvyonat person should have great insight. Todays science does not belive in clairvyonce. It says seeing beyond the physical is not possible.

Dr. Chawla says Indian culture is full of people who are clairvoyant. Siddhis were very common in the older days.

Dr. Puneet Chawla can sense the energies around him, people and building structures, he can sense the negative and positive energies, see the colors in the aura etc.

He says meditating on the Navel chakra increase the powers to clairvyonce. Chanting Om brings the intuition power to high.


Dr. Puneet Chawla with Endorser of Blessings

Endorser of Blessings

“ God is the source of all Love; Love God, Love the World as the vesture of God, no more and no less. Through Love, you can merge in the Ocean of Love”.

The reflection of Guru’s identity is blessings to he disicples, guru bless each and everyone, who comes in touch with the persona.

Dr. Chawla never tries to portray like a guru, he feels that every incident of life is a lesson.

He is a guide and hundred’s of people a day, giving practical, logical, scientific tips for a healthy life.

A blessing in every guidance is a disguise for this followers.


Shiva as his Guru

Guru Purnima when the moon is full, it has a good vibration, its feel is different from the normal days of its existence was among the most important festive occasions in the Indian continent. Over time the time more and more people are looking for the guidance of guru.

Guru Purnima is the day the when the first guru was born. The Adiyodishiva called as the first Yogi too in the yogic culuture.


Prayer to Lord Shiva

Om TryambakamYajamahe

This is the Mrityunjaya mantra of Lord Shiva which translates as:

“OM, We worship the three-eyed Lord Shiva, who is the fragrance of Life and nourishes our health. O Lord, just as a cucumber when ripe is freed from the vine, release us from attachment and death; and grant us the nectar of immortality.”

In Yoga, the Lord Shiva is understood as theAdi Yogi and the Adi Guru. He is the premier in the yogis and the first most teacher of the science of Yoga. He is all in one his origin is secret. He is always portrayed siting in lotus pose on the mount Kailash in deep Samadhi, still even the movements around him. His body is smeared with ash, hairs containg the crown of moon and cascading ganga from the head region. The forehead is beautified by the powerful third eye. His description as Neelkantha is said to have consumed the poison from ocean churning by the gods and the Demons, inturn protecting the world from its harmful effects. He represents the three gunas, the three qualities of Nature, namely tamas, rajas, and sattva.

Lord Shiva first imparted his precious knowledge to Shakti. Also, for the good of mankind, he taught the science of Yoga to the ancient rishis who passed on this knowledge to the rest of humanity. All yogic and tantric systems consider him as the first Guru.

Dr. Puneet Chawla with Endorser of Blessings


Lakshmi His Maa

The power of Money is known by every body, but still lot of people are ot aware that Maa Lakshmi is not all about money.

Dr. Chawla believs that a mother can only provide everything what a child needs, he thinks and beive that Lakshmi the goddess is no less than a Mother.

There are Eight Rupa (reflections) of Maa Lakshmi

The number one Maha Lakshmi gives overall prosperity in life, secondly the Dhana Lakshmi gives the money and abundance of luxuries, thirdly Dhanya Lakshmi gives good and healthy food, fourthlyGaja Lakshmi gives power and stamina to face the world, Fifthly Santaan Lakshmi the power to progeny, and to get obedient children, Sixthly Dhairya Lakshmi the wealth of courage and valor, Seventhly the Vidya Lakshmi the knowledge , the supreme wealth, eight the last is Jaya Lakshmi, Victory the wish of man.


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