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Dr. Puneet Chawla with an immense wealth of knowledge in the field of Vaastu Science, has composed three books so far which have acclaimed recognition both in India as well as overseas. His creativity of thoughts intertwined with a beautiful play of words, along with accurate diction in simple language makes his words readable for the masses as well. Many people have benefitted from these wonderful books and this number is ever on the increase. After years of intense dedication and study of the subject, Dr. Chawla has tried to solve the problems of the common man and free him from the evil clutches of the negativities of the age oldVaastu doctrine. All his three works carry three separate topics but have Vastu as its centrifugal topic of discussion and comprehension. Let’s discuss each of them in detail and see how it benefits and improves our livelihood for a better living.

Vaastu Secrets for a Better Life

Life is a beautiful journey which should be enjoyed and treaded with happiness and fulfillment. But in this fast moving competitive world, everyone seems to be struggling to win the rat’s race. With increasing problems and loaded tensions both in the office and home front, life seems an ordeal and a burden to survive. However, instead of trying to find simple solutions to our problems, we generally tend to complicate them further through unrealistic and illogical beliefs which hold no scientific or religious backing.
Dr. Puneet Chawla, through his debutant book ‘Vaastu Secrets for a Better Life’ has tried to highlight and stress on the problems that we face in our daily lives and also find quick solutions through the age-old doctrines and trusted path of VaastuShastra. He claims that if the Vaastu of a property is correct and well aligned with the elements of nature, it can guarantee success in every endeavor to its inmates. For this, the first and foremost step is to identify the negativities present within the surroundings of the property, be it your home or office premises, rectify the wrongs and then induce positive vibrations within it so as to ensure a happy, prosperous, successful and healthy life for its residents. Through this book, Dr. Chawla not only mentions the benefits of introducing Vaastu in one’s life, but also stresses on the various principles of Vaastu, how to follow them and make them an inevitable part of our everyday living. This book has so far helped millions across the globe to improve their quality and standard of living as it highlights the effectiveness of the VaastuShastra in modern day life situations. Dr. Chawla’s innovative Live Vaastu principles and non-demolition remedies make him an icon for thousands of his followers who look up to him for making life bigger, better and larger for them. If you wish to join the league, pick up your copy today and see how it races up your life towards achievement of your goals in no time at all. Launched and published in association with the Times of India Group, this book is definitely a must-read for one and all who want to brush up their knowledge regarding the sacred and precious ancient subject, Vaastu Science.

1008 Tips for Better Living

The principle of ‘simple living and high thinking’ no longer exists in the current century that we are living in. Life has become a never ending race where everyone seems to be struggling to achieve a better and happier livelihood without knowing the real path that would actually fetch them the happiness and satiety that they are hunting for.
Dr. Chawla, after having studied the nature and problems of the common man for almost fifteen years, decided to compose a book where he has listed the various drawbacks and weaknesses which a man commonly faces in his everyday living and also provide simple and easy-to-implement remedies for the same. According to him, our ancient Hindu scriptures and epics have, over centuries, been helpful in providing time-tested tips in improving the quality of our lives. If read intently, they contain solutions and provide answers to all our problems. Taking inspiration from them, Dr. Chawla, in his wonderful book ‘1008 Tips for Better Living,’ has mentioned a host of mantras, shlokas and dohas which, if chanted on a regular basis, can definitely grant a better life to the beholder. Running after fortune-tellers and destiny-changers would only bring about frustration and downfall for an individual. Vedic remedies, based on scientific logics, not only appeal to the modern world, but also provide quick results thereby bringing about happiness, prosperity and goodness within an individual’s life in no time at all. Simple tips and minor alterations in our daily working and living environment can bring about a drastic change in our quality and standard of living. To know how this mantra works, just get a copy of this lovely book and see for yourself how life changes on a happy note and to a merry tune for you and your family. This handy and practical guide for a better living has been introduced, launched and presented by Dr. Chawla in association with the Times Group of India.


Hindu Beliefs and Rituals

Dr. Chawla has studied human behavior and psychology very closely in his years of deep intense research and experience of dealing with his various clients from every origin and from every part of the world. His close study of human nature has made him conclude that Hindus, no matter wherever placed on the globe, are getting deviated from their rich heritage and cultural beliefs because there is no one to explain to them the importance, significance and realities hidden behind these age old norms and processes which are sages and ancestors used to ardently believe and meticulously follow.
So, in an attempt to raise consciousness and awareness among the youth of today regarding our rich cultural background, its rituals and beliefs, Dr. Chawla decided to compose yet another book, thereby adding another feather into his cap of creative writing. This book named ‘Hindu Beliefs and Rituals’ stresses on the fact that our ancient and rich traditions are a manifestation of deep dedicated research by our great sages who have taken great pains to explain to us and make us comprehend the true meaning and importance of the various deities and the Gods and Goddesses whom we regularly worship, praise and look up to. Why do we plant a Tulsi tree outside our house? Why do we worship the sun God and offer holy waters to him every morning? Why do we light a diya in front of the images of the idols of Gods and Goddesses that we worship? This book is a handy guide which provides answers to all these queries which have never been reasoned out and taken up seriously. Most Indian households simply keep following their traditional Puja paraphernalia day in day out without even understanding the meaning or purpose behind it. Worshipping God is a different thing and worshipping God blind-folded is a different issue altogether. There should be reasoning behind every activity that we perform and this is what Dr. Chawla has tried to do through his book ‘Hindu Beliefs and Rituals.’ It is definitely an eye-opener for the young generation for whom life is nothing but to speed away in order to achieve their ultimate goal. Every thought expressed in this educative book contains a scientific reasoning and logic worth believing. It reflects the essence of Hinduism by highlighting Indian traditions and spelling out the benefits of chanting the mantras, shlokas and yantras on a regular basis and making it a part of our everyday existence. Dr. Chawla, who himself is a staunch believer and follower of Hinduism, has provided a thorough insight about the prosperous culture of India and its age old ancient customs and traditions through this incredible book. It is definitely a must-read for all those who relate to Hinduism and are keen to get attached to their roots, wherefrom they themselves have originated.

Energies Your Invisible Friend

God created Man and bestowed him the mental power to understand, physical power to carry out his duties efficiently and internal power to understand the cosmic world around him. The primary source of energy for all living things is food. Apart from that there are other sources of deriving energy which play a pivotal role in building up a person’s individual self. It is said that a ray of hope enlightens our inner conscience which in turn rekindles the source of energy within us, giving us the inspiration to achieve the impossible and tread on the path called life. Every form of life created by God depends on its own self to live to its expectations in life, and to do so, it derives the guiding energy or force from its surrounding in many different forms.
This book on ‘Energies’ gives us a close view of how man uses his various energies, both external and internal, to create a better, brighter world for himself and his family members. We often tend to neglect what happens around us in nature, but if we closely observe nature the its various elements, they act a s a source of inspiration especially for we humans to instigate us to reach and achieve our pre-set goals in life.
A small ant can carry a load 100 times more than its own weight, a small bird sets off before dawn everyday to get food for its young ones, right from the smallest of creatures to the largest of beasts, each and every form of life created by God executes its daily duties with full dedication and challenge and it is able to do so with the aid of the various infinite and eternal sources of energy present in and around it.
When we talk of strength, it does not simply refer to physical strength of a person, but a combination of physical, mental and spiritual energies present within and outside him which collectively participate on enabling the individual to tread through the journey called life in a prosperous and successful manner.
God, Almighty has been referred as the primary source of all energies. The light source which emits from the sun forms base to the ultimate form of eternal energy in the universe. This, combined with the fires of hope and enthusiasm within us, assists and evokes us to carry on even the most adverse situations in life.
Dr. Puneet Chawla, in this book, defines and describes the roles of the various forms of natural energy like light energy, sound energy and heat energy from which we derive strength to go on carrying out our various roles in life. Apart from this, he even stresses on the many energy manifestations, present within our mind, body and soul, which enables us to connect directly with the cosmic world. These energies provide strength by way of concentration, will power, intuition, self determination and so on.
Dr. Chawla even stresses on certain human instincts to be highly beneficial in creating heaps of positive energy for self-containment. This involves sex-which has been figured as a proactive instinct. It describes the ecstasy of intimacy between two adult individuals who love each other unconditionally. Such is the power of this sacred union that it reaches a level of spirituality over years of togetherness, when the couple starts feeling more attached emotionally, than physically.
To conclude, it can rightly be said that energy, like God, is Omni-present. It cannot be created or destroyed by Man. It can only be transformed from one state to another so as to make the best out of it.

Energies Your Invisible Friend

Energies Your Invisible Friend

Vaastu Ek Behtar Jivan ke Liye

Vaastu Ek Behtar Jivan ke Liye

You take the name, Builder, Architect, Household, corporate or Film production houses every body is talking of the subject vaastu. But being scared of a beautiful subject is not it bad. We mean to say Vaastu is always being presented as a tough subject, no body actually knows that applying Vaastu goes parallel with the daily life. It is not only limited to the building structure but with our emotional lives too. Dr. Puneet Chawla the world famous consultant in the vaastu science is freeing the freight of tough subject. He is very renowned for doing the practical Vaastu. After 15 years of his hard vaastu advise practice he wrote a book on Vaastu. This book gives Tips on how to harness and enhance positive energies in both the home and workplace Tips on how to improve the quality of daily living Case studies showing the effectiveness of this ancient science in modern day-to-day life situations. So come, be a part of the exciting world of Vaastu and experience a sea change in your own life.

This book is his debutant as a author associating with Times of India. A must read book for the good knowledge in the subject and a prosperous life.



Vaastu a passage to fortune

We all crave for a lavish, healthy, prosperous and beautiful life, full of all the comforts and luxuries in it. We even plan our future way in advance and try to secure it as far as possible, but do we always get to execute them as per our prior planning? Does it always have a smooth sailing towards achieving our pre set goals in life?
Life is not a bed of roses but a tough struggle to find our way through its different situations. Most of the times we are knocked by trivial problems which do not let us go ahead in life. We are always faced by challenges, both at the home and the office front, which ultimately hampers our growth and obstructs the path of success for us. But do we ever try to understand and analyze the reason behind it?
Vaastu is a way of life, a step towards enlightening our future, which shows us the right path towards achieving our desires and aspirations in life. It is a scientific approach towards utilizing the positive energies surrounding us for our betterment of the future. Identifying the negative vibrations present around us and treating them to the best of our benefit is what Vaastu science deals in and educates us to do.
Vaastu lays down certain rules and principles pertaining to every section and corner of the house. These are judged in proximity with the ten directions of the universe (north, south, east, west, north-east, south-east, north-west, south-west, center and space) and the five elements of nature (fire, earth, water, air and sky).We derive many different forms of energy from the universe by way of solar energy, earth’s magnetic energy, gravitational energy, wind energy, North-pole energy and so on. These energies, if utilized properly, as per the Vaastu doctrines, can ensure lifelong success, happiness and fulfillment for us and our loved ones in every sphere of life. When these positive energies are balanced in the right equation life becomes easy, manageable and free from adversities.
Vaastu is not based on age old beliefs and rituals; it is not something to be scared of. Most people think that Vaastu deals with demolition of the property and remaking of the same. However, this is not true; there are many scientific solutions which can be applied to free a structure off its negative vibrations. Vaastu, as a matter of fact, is a very logical subject which provides answers to every problem faced by man in his day to day living. The best part about Vaastu is it can be easily adapted into one’s daily regime. We can all connect to it very comfortably because it gives us simple and easy solution to challenges of everyday living.
Dr. Puneet Chawla, through his book, ‘Vaastu- a passage to future,’ tries to reach out to the masses and explain to them the basic concepts of Vaastu in simple, plain language which can be easily understood and comprehended by people from every class or strata of the society. This book is absolutely reader-friendly as it has been written using simple terms, easy enough to be associated with. This book is also available in Hindi. .


Do you believe in the consequences of a black cat crossing your way as you set out of your house on a journey or voyage? Has the onset of unexpected lightening and bad weather brought in some unnatural calamity for you and your family? Have you ever experienced flickering of a body part which ultimately has led to something good or bad immediately after that? Early man believed and followed these gestures as a sign language, an indication or warning from God almighty. They were God-fearing people and hence strongly believed in these natural actions that took place around them.
Life in ancient times was simple and uncomplicated. People had limited needs and desires. They believed in God and feared the consequences of not following the rules and principles of their religion and society. They never questioned a belief and followed whatever was put in front of them with faith and belief in God. This included various Omens relating to their everyday life.
Early man had no way of predicting and predetermining the atrocities of nature, and the environment, that surrounded and marked his very existence. It is through the knowledge of the cosmic and the natural world that he started concluding the calamities that might befall him. This marked the origin of Omens, both good and bad, which people started following in their day to day lives to protect and prevent themselves from the harsh and rude mood swings of nature. We all know and believe that there is some kind of balance which is maintained between and among the living creatures and the elements of nature. If any constituent of the environment is disturbed beyond a certain limit, it hampers the natural balance which, in turn, creates uninvited problems for the living creatures residing within the universe. To maintain stability and balance in his relations with mother earth and its components, man realized the need to study environment as a subject and understand its elements for self protection and benefit.
Omens, a very handy guide to the cosmic and the natural world around us, has been written by Dr. Puneet Chawla to create awareness about these age-old pre-indicated actions which has long been forgotten and forbidden in today’s modern scientific and technological era. It educates the gen-next about these simple, yet effective symbols, which can be noticed in everyday life and which can prove to be very helpful in executing our daily activities in a more comfortable and congenial manner.
Omens are not justideas produced and influenced by the human mind; they have been applied and inspired over time and again, the mention of which dates back to our epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, with close connectivity with our Vedas and Upanishads. This book educates us about the origin of these paranormal actions which take place around us even today and how they closely related to life around people belonging to the ancient ages. Modern man may neglect the existence of Omens but its presence can be seen and felt all around us even today.



A man and a woman are like ‘a lock and a key’ that are incomplete without each other. Just like the wheels of a car need to run in synchronization for the vehicle to move on, similarly the car of life needs equal assistance, participation and support of both man and woman so as to lead a happy, prosperous and successful life.
It is impossible for a woman to find a place of love and respect in a male-dominant society. God created each individual with a purpose in mind, equal in form and rights. But he never thought that his most beautiful creation would be mishandled and mistreated by their counterparts in an attempt to prove their superiority and dominance. God created men and women differently, right from physical appearance to emotional capabilities and mental stabilities, so that they could strike a balance with each other by filling up the gaps in between and hence cooperating each other with harmony, love, respect and affection for each other for a better future.
Dr. Puneet Chawla, through his book ‘Woman-a mystery’ has attempted to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a woman, both on the physical and emotional front. He mentions the role of a woman in respect to her various relations that she develops in a single life and how she manages to dispense all her duties with great dedication, care and expertise. A woman has always been placed synonymously with sacrifice, but what gives her this strength to silently accept everything that comes her way, with great patience and tolerance. This book is a close guide which unfolds every aspect of a woman’s life, including her personal and confidential self which at times she hesitates to reveal even to her closest of kin’s.
A woman acts as a backbone to the family, she nurtures, caresses and cajoles every individual in every challenge of life. She puts her heart and soul in building a better tomorrow for her children. Her unconditional love as a daughter, sister, mother, wife and companion cannot be measured in figures and numbers, yet we never stop by to say a word of ‘acknowledgement’ or a ‘thank you’ to such a strong personality who weaves every thread of our life in an attempt to convert it into a beautiful fabric.
Gone are the days when the females of the house remained behind closed doors and confined themselves between the four walls of a house. The modern woman is one of substance. She speaks up for herself, revolts for her rights, fights against injustice, yet, plays all her conventional roles as well, be it in the face of a strong daughter, a loving wife, a caring sister or a sacrificing mother. The need of the hour is to break through the norms of this male-dominating society and find a place of respect, equality and recognition.
Dr. Chawla gives various examples of such trend-setters in his book and even bows down to salute their efforts and endeavors in marking a better future and a better tomorrow for every woman of the society.



Short moral stories have always taught something meaningful and have always laid a deep impact on the reader for years. These have acted as one of the strongest yet simplest sources to inculcate good moral values in our children. This particular book, which is also a compilation of short stories based on true incidents, has been extracted from our age-old Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. It provides a glimpse of our rich Indian culture and heritage. However, in the absence of the right source to educate our children regarding our cultural heritage and age-old values, we often find ourselves incapable of presenting a simple, clear and comprehensible guide to your young ones, which is easy for them to read, understand and grasp easily.
This book ‘Short Moral Stories from our Puranas’, is a handy guide, a mini educative kit which presents a way through interesting stories from our epics, equipped with a moral behind every story. This book is extremely reader friendly for all age groups and is very educative and advantageous in drilling positive values in the lives of our children. In our changing modern society scenario, where love, respect and adulation for our religion and nation is taking a back seat, it becomes our moral responsibility to guide our children towards the right path of truth, honesty, righteousness and humbleness so that they get groomed to be responsible citizens and behave sensitively towards their fellow humans.
Dr. Puneet Chawla has beautifully penned down 101 moral stories which convey the hidden essence of our age old epics and other divine preaching’s of eminent sages from yesteryear. Each of these stories come coated with a deep hidden virtuous message which we should all attempt to imbibe in our daily lives.

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  • Suggests remedies without demolition using scientific logics only.
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  • Writes coloums for many national dailes.
  • Studied hundreds of Indian scriptures.
  • Intutitive personality, can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human bodies.

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