What is Live Vaastu?

Vastu Shastra can be explained as an age-old theory, an ancient doctrine, which specifies and suggests a close relationship between the laws of nature and human dwelling. It indicates how directional alignments, in synchronization with the five elements of nature, can affect and transform one’s livelihood by bringing about positive and negative effects, depending on how well, and to what extent, the structure is harmonious to Vaastu. Live Vaastu is one of the latest studies in the field of Vastu science, founded and innovated by Dr. Chawla, which throws light on the various features of a piece of land in co-relation with the five elements of nature and how it can drastically affect the harmony and peace of the inmates dwelling on the structure constructed on that land area. As per the findings of Dr. Chawla, Live Vaastu can be categorized under six major sub-heads which have been explained in detail underneath:



Land’s Nature

As per Dr. Chawla’s theory, anything which is sick or ill can never yield fruitful results. Similar is the case with any given patch of land. Geopathic stress, as he terms it, is a diseased piece of land which has to be diagnosed and treated well so as to make it capable of yielding positive results for its owners. Not only does it create a harmful atmosphere in and around the building premises which has been erected on such a piece of land, but it even hampers the electromagnetic spectrum of the structure which does not coincide with the frequency of the earth waves, thereby bringing about distress, trauma and negativity in all aspects for its inmates. Such structures and premises always remain surrounded by harmful radiations which make them prone to many uncertain and unforeseen disasters. The cause of Geopathy can be linked with earth’s magnetic field radiation forces which in turn are created due to the movement of plates within the earth, forces generated due to the flow of various water bodies within the earth’s structure and many other such reasons. It has been further noticed that geopathic stress of a plot of land not only affects humans but even the plants and animals residing on it. Dr. Chawla has been blessed with an intuitive power to sense the geopathy in any land area simply by the touch of his hands and by identifying its fertility, natural slopes and levels and its external environment. He takes personal interest and care in checking the Vaastu of the plot himself and suggests simple remedial measures to rectify the ills of that land structure which works for the betterment and benefit of its owners.

Land’s Nature



Directions play a pivotal role in making a structure compliant to Vaastu. Dr. Chawla further explains that there are ten directions in total which determine and denote the positivity or negativity present within any given property as per Vaastu science. The magnetic compass is used to identify the different directions and the level of degrees in which they fall. The four main directions are north, south, east and west while their sub-directions are named as northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest. The remaining two directions are the center of the universe and space. A building, in order to be 100% Vaasu-proof, should be in complete synchronization with these ten directions, only then will it prove to be prosperous and yielding for its residents. Every element inside a house or a structure should be placed in a manner so as to make it balanced as per the presiding deity of that direction who happens to control it. Like for example, Lord Kuber, known to bestow wealth and prosperity, is believed to be the owner of the North direction. Hence, this direction should always have big openings to allow air, light and positive energy to sweep inside the building. On the contrary, the presiding deity of the south direction is believed to be Lord Yama or the god of death and hence this direction should always be covered and closed, with minimum scope for ventilation and air to seep inside the premises from this side. Likewise, every direction has its significance and negative consequences which should be closely studied and considered before finalizing a plot of land or building premises for business or residential purposes.


Five Elements

We are all aware of the five natural elements present in and around our surroundings viz, earth, space, air, fire and water. As Dr. Chawla puts it, all these five elements play a major role in defining the Vaastu of any property. The human body, within which our soul resides, requires the existence of all these five elements in harmony with our mind and soul both from within and outside our surrounding within which we live so as to create a healthy, positive and problem-free Vaastu environment.

Every element of nature has been assigned with a certain task which aids in the creation of the human body both physically as well as psychologically in some way or the other. While earth gives shape and aroma to our body, space induces sound within it, air produces the feeling of touch, fire generates desire, heat and hunger within us and water supports blood and other body fluids which run within our veins. In order to allow the body grow and flourish in a healthy manner, it is highly essential to make sure that all these five elements of nature are well balanced and synchronized properly within the structure or premises where we reside or work for a living.

Life Energy

God is the creator, preserver and destroyer of every element or matter present in the universe. He is the whole and sole factor responsible and empowered to generate energy in every form.Man, the most beautiful and intelligent creation of God, can only manipulate this energy to some extent and utilize it for his benefit. Every tiny mass of matter present within and around us can create tremendous energy which can prove sufficient to destroy the universe as well. This composite energy, in turn, has also been created by God itself who can be termed as an authority who is compassionate enough to lift everyone up on the ladder of evolution formulated by him.
Dr. Chawla specifies that the sum total of all cosmic energy remains constant throughout, it simply changes and gets transformed from one element to another through repeated evolution and destruction process. Everything that has taken birth or has come into existence, be it living or non-living, has to get destroyed sooner or later, however the energy present within these elements never get destroyed, they simply change their form and remain static in nature in some way or the other. Deep study of energy fields of motionless structures has revealed the fact that these non-movable buildings or structures are also instilled with subtle energy which is a composition of both energy and matter. Hence it has been concluded that the energy or electromagnetic radiation present within our body and a building structure in which we reside, is constantly experiencing change by either expanding or contracting under the influence of emotional as well as physical factors. Dr. Chawla’s concept of Live Vaastu stresses deeply on this Life Energy and how to balance it with our surrounding so as to create a healthy, fruitful and prosperous life ahead.


Can you imagine life without the presence of the different colors and their hues in it? Everything in and around us exists in some form of color which makes it stand out from the rest of the things present in nature. Colors can better be defined as vibrations of light. The seven primary colors of the spectrum are further combined to produce secondary and tertiary colors and their shades.
Every color has its own characteristics which have positive as well as negative impact on us in all aspects like mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually as well as intuitively. Some ancient studies even referred to the seven primary colors as corresponding to our planets, the seven chakras present in the human body and the seven days of the week. According to Dr. Puneet Chawla, the properties of each color should be studied in detail and then used very carefully within our living premises so as to harmonize it well with the concepts of Vaastu and our different life aspects so that it yields positive results for us. To further prove his point, he explains that red color symbolizes lust, passion and materialism and is associated with the element fire. Hence it helps in creating life force energy and should therefore be used in south facing structures or for south facing walls within the drawing room. Talking about the hues of red, the rosy red shade is a symbol of love and can therefore by used in the bedroom, but dark red shades demonstrate anger and should be a complete taboo for the bedroom. Similar to this, every color and its corresponding shades have different characteristics and denote separate moods which should be studied closely before using them to decorate the interiors of our home and office premises.



Without Demolition Remedies

Dr. Puneet Chawla explains that the first and foremost step, in order to ensure a happy and prosperous living, is to free the environment and surrounding off all negativities, in terms of Vaastu. If the air around us holds negative vibrations, it can never yield fruitful results for us no matter how hard we try to do so. To make a structure Vaastu complaint, many energy rectifiers are used as remedial measures like scientific elixirs, plants, crystals, special salts and various home remedies as well. Another way of stopping negativity to seep inside the premises is by blocking it in some way or the other so that it does not create a hindrance for us in our day-to-day living. Like for example, if the entrance into your house is in the south-west direction, you would get dissatisfaction in the work front and nothing would fall into place. Shifting the entrance door to the north east direction would automatically fill up the gap and ensure positive results for you and your family. Dr. Chawla advices simple, daily-life, scientific and logical remedial measures, which can not only be analyzed and rectified in minutes but also do not need demolition of the structure, to remove the negative energy present within it. After the wrongs have been rectified, the final step is to use the positive aspect of Vaastu for your benefit in the best possible manner. For instance, as per the Vaastu science, the head of the family should always reside in the south west bedroom. If this norm is not followed and the room is allotted to a younger member of the family, there would be imbalance and unrest in relations for sure. Also, the use of colors plays a vital role in determining the mood swings and nature of an individual. A person with low self-confidence can be induced with great enthusiasm and can be driven towards harmonious living if the walls of his room are painted in red. This is just a sneak-peek into the widespread knowledge and Wide Ocean of experience that Dr. Chawla holds and practices to make life worth living for his valued clients.

Without Demolition Remedies


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